Brian Hanks

Dental Transitions Expert & Buyer’s Accountant

I guide dentists through the process of analyzing, negotiating and buying the right dental practice. The right dental practice can help you be happy, fulfilled, relaxed, wealthy and thriving in your career, positively impacting the lives of your patients, and living the life of your dreams. I’ve helped hundreds of dentists go through the process you’re contemplating. I can help you too. Prior to doing this, I was an accountant and Certified Financial Planner™ at two different dental CPA firms. I have an MBA from the University of Michigan and an undergrad from Brigham Young University. I’m married with four kids and live in Salt Lake City.

What You'll Get In This Course

Module 5: How & When To Submit The LOI And What To Negotiate

5.0          Module Intro

5.1          The Typical LOI Sequence of Events + 2 LOI Pitfalls to Avoid

5.2          Review of Each Section of the LOI Including What to Negotiate

5.3          3 Tips Using Psychology to Make Sure Your LOI is Accepted

5.4          How to Negotiate to Get the Best Price + Negotiations Lessons from 200+

5.5          How to Negotiate the Asset Allocation & Understand Tax Implications

5.6          Negotiating the Accounts Receivable (A/R) Successfully  

5.7          5 Other Things to Negotiate in Your LOI  

Module 5 Tools

                - Downloadable LOI Template

Module 6: Exactly How To Get The Very Best Practice Loan

6.0         Module Intro     

6.1          Essential Basics to Know About Practice Loans     

6.2          5 Things You Need to Get the Best Practice Loan 

6.3          Exactly When to Call the Banks to Get the Best Rates and Terms

6.4          Here’s How Many Banks to Have at the Table

6.5          Exactly How to Choose Which Loan is Best

Module 7: Understanding The Legal Side Of Buying A Practice

7.0          Module Intro

7.1          The Must-know Legal Basics of Buying a Practice 

7.2          How to Find the Best Attorney & How Much You’re Likely to Pay

7.3          This is Exactly When to Hire Your Attorney & What They Should Do First

7.4          These are the Legal Documents You’ll See & What They Mean

7.5          5 Tips for Reading Legal Documents to Make Sure You Have the Most Protection

Negotiate Like an Expert

If you're ready to learn the ins an outs of negotiating for your dream practice, then let's get started!

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Christian B

I now feel like I know what I never knew I needed to know. I have a good grasp on the basics of how much time and effort it takes, a good timeline, who I need to help me with this process and everything in between.

Daniel E

I would highly recommend this course to anybody. It lays out step by step what you need to look for and be aware of when preparing to make purchase.

Phillip L

Most buyers are woefully under prepared because dental school does not teach you how to buy a practice. Working as an associate won't teach you either. This course has given me solid tools to analyze a practice and decide if it is worth looking at. More than anything, this course taught me what I can do, but also whom I need to rely on for help in the purchase process, since you cannot do everything on your own.

  • Does this course have a start and end date?

    Nope! This course is 100% online and at the pace that works best for you. Binge the entire course and come back to each module as you’re working through them. How you tackle the content is up to you!

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Forever! Your investment grants you access to all the materials for as long as you like.

  • I’m not looking for a practice right now, should I wait to buy the course?

    You’ll be far better prepared to buy a practice the sooner you understand some of the elements at play. A few of the keys to success (discussed in detail in the course materials) involve have some cash on hand and having a robust network of dentists for your search. You’ll be at a HUGE advantage the sooner you understand and apply these principles.

  • What if I’m unhappy with the purchase?

    No problem! Everyone learns differently. If you’d like a refund in the first 30 days of your purchase, just let me know and it’ll be taken care of.

  • Can I get a student discount?

    I do offer a student discount from time to time. Email me directly [email protected] for details and to verify your student status.